The Dreams Come True Films LLC company was established in June 2011 just three months after I, along with my husband (Mark) and our oldest son (Daniel) returned from an amazing trip to California. While we were there, I had the opportunity to not only be on the set during the filming of one of my projects ("The Santa Monica 128"), but I also made a cameo appearance in it as well.

I began my screenwriting career in 2006 and to date I have written 13 full length screenplays and 10 short films. Since creating my company we have produced three feature films, two short films, a commercial for the Doritos® Crash the Superbowl contest in 2014 and a TV pilot.

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"The Promise"

Mackenzie Miller, a 25-year-old successful beauty is looking for her Mr. Right but fears she will never find him because of a promise she made to her dying grandmother.

STATUS: In Production

"My Mother's Replacement"

A 12-year-old girl struggles to deal with her mothers suicide. She begins looking for answers, but her father is not ready to answer the tough question, which causes friction between himself and his only child.

STATUS: Buy it now on DVD