SYNOPSIS:┬áNine year old Kimberly is abducted in broad daylight. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, leaving the community baffled….who took young Kimberly and why? The tragedy tears the family apart because Chris can’t stop blaming his wife Carla for Kimberly’s abduction.

STARRING: Richard Bryant, Caitlin Smith, Katelynn Atterson-Barnhart, Jason Bowser

CO-STARRING: Violet Hicks, Brenda Jo Reutebuch, Paisley Moore

Richard Bryant Chris Bennett
Caitlin Smith Carla Bennett
Katelynn Atterson-Barnhart Kimberly Bennett
Jason Bowser Chuck
Violet Hicks Lexie Bennett
Brenda Jo ReutebuchBetty
Paisley Moore Hope Bennett
Mike Schroerlucke Grandfather Bennett
Connie Kiviniemi-Baylor Grandmother Bennett
Bruce Royer Detective Robbins
Sal Zanti Detective Simon
Kimberly J. Richardson Honorable Judge Ann Miller
Linda Ostermeier Attorney Tina Bolton
Cindy Maples Attorney Diann Lentini
Michaele Salazar-Curiel Candace
Brian Neal Police Officer Brooks
Robert Garzolini Police Officer Hughes
Mariah Francis Supermodel Cassie
Christopher R. Beard Florist
Tammy Reid-Benedict Haleigh's Mother
Chelsea Elizabeth Raya Emily Lynn
Lindsey McIntire Waitress
David G. Baker Uncle Stephen
Jeff Lee Minister
Holly Benedict Jasmine
Rocker Steve Lord Psychiatrist Stuart Prescott
Michele Todd Parke County Sheriff Deputy / Pageant MC
Fred L. Wilson Vigo County Sheriff Deputy


Director Candy J. Beard
Assistant Director Daniel Beard
Executive Producer Candy J. Beard
Producers Mark Beard
Daniel Beard
Christopher R. Beard
Richard Bryant
Director of Photography Daniel Beard
Camera Operators Daniel Beard
Brian Neal
Lighting Crew Daniel Beard
Mark Beard
Brian Neal
Larry Wagle
Casting By Candy J. Beard
Daniel Beard
Make-Up Artist Candy J. Beard
Make-Up Consultant Laura Bell
Sound Department Daniel Beard
Mark Beard
Brian Neal
Larry Wagle
Still Photography Daniel Beard
Angela Clark
Production Assistants Katelyn Calhoun
Christy Delong
Brian Neal
Larry Wagle
Special ThanksIan Bailey
Angela Benson
Bill Benson
Ruthie Campbell
Ed Carmichael
Jo Ann Carmichael
Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church
Riley United Methodist Church
Robert Garzolini
Nick Leciejewski
Nicole Lyons
Stacey Metz
Matthew Shafer
Terre Haute Tribune Star