"A Second Chance"

Three teens face the toughest judge in juvenile court and must turn their lives around, fast!

Genre: Christian, Family Drama
Status: Pre-Production
Projected Release: Spring 2018

"The Promise"

Mackenzie Miller, a 25-year-old successful beauty, is looking for her Mr. Right but fears she will never find him because of a promise she made to her dying grandmother.

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Status: In Production
Projected Release: Fall 2017

"My Mother's Replacement"

A 12-year-old girl struggles to deal with her mother's recent suicide. She begins looking for answers, but her father isn't quite ready to answer the tough question, which causes friction between himself and his only child.

Release Date: November 7, 2015
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Length: 47 minutes

"Cries Unheard"

Set in a small Alabama town, 11-year-old Karen must deal with being abused by her mother and being ridiculed by her peers for being a bastard child and the daughter of the town whore.

Release Date: August 1, 2015
Genre: Drama
Length: 26 minutes


Chris and Carla Bennett had the perfect life until the day their nine-year-old daughter Kimberly was abducted in broad daylight. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months. All attempts to find her come up empty, leaving the entire community baffled.

Release Date: April 15, 2015
Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery
Length: 121 minutes

"In a Cage"

Kristy Franklin thought she married the man of her dreams. She later discovers that her husband, Robert Franklin, is capable of a lot more than she first thought. Her loving marriage quickly begins to unravel as Robert becomes increasingly abusive to the point that Kristy begins to fear for her life.

Release Date: October 19, 2013
Genre: Drama
Length: 83 minutes

"Old Folks Like Us"

A clean and family friendly TV pilot was our very first solo project long before we had our own audio equipment. Unfortunately, the people we hired to record sound bailed on the project at the last minute. This is a sitcom about four elderly couples who are good friends.

Release Date: January 8, 2013
Genre: Comedy
Length: 37 minutes


Johnathon Baxter made a living defending the worst kind of criminals. He won most all his cases....setting killers and rapists free. Folks wondered how he slept at night. And then came the acquittal that shocked and rocked the entire city and Johnathon finally had to answer for his sins and he was found guilty!

Release Date: August 19, 2012
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 11 minutes